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Joshua McGee

Joshua McGee

My son, Joshua McGee, was born on December 26, 2002 a precious healthy bundle of joy. He was a happy and healthy child for the first seven years of his life; always very active in baseball and football. He loves to play outside and swim everyday of the summer. But in June of 2007 he became very ill. He quit going outside and I couldn’t even get him off the couch. During this time my father in law was also very ill and in the hospital and quickly passed away, so because of going back in forth to the Houston Med Center everyday to take care of dad, a few weeks went by before my husband and I realized just how sick our son was. On July 31, 2007, on the way home from the funeral, Josh had to stop for “potty” breaks 4 times within an hour long drive. I realized then I needed to have him checked out by his pediatrician.

The next morning when we walked into the pediatrician’s office, same Dr. who had seen my son since birth, upon Dr. Q’s first glance at my son he realized there was something very wrong. Josh had dropped 20 pounds within a month and was very pale and weak. The Dr. asked us to go immediately to Texas Children’s Hospital, and they diagnosed him with Childhood Type 1 Diabetes. His blood sugar was in the 500’s and he was in Ketoacidoses. After lots of IV’s, insulin, and fluids, five days later they sent us home to begin what would end up being a very long journey of daily insulin injections, carb counting, blood sugar checks, and a whole new lifestyle of eating. We began seeing an absolutely wonderful pediatric endocrinologist in our area through UTMB. Josh has been seeing Dr. Riley every 3 months for a couple of years now.

Dr. Riley is a sponsor of Texas Lions Camp, and has been in the pediatric endocrine field for over 30 years. He requires all of his patients to wear a medical alert bracelet. This is where i.d.mii has been very helpful. This company has completely streamlined the way my son gets treatment for the rest of his life! Josh loves his bracelet and keeps it on 24/7. He says “mom, this bracelet looks cool on me, and all my friends want one.” i.d.mii has provided a database of medical information that will allow my son to get the medical help he needs fast and efficiently whether he is at football practice, water park, friend’s house, school, or home. Thank you i.d.mii.

Tracey McGee

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