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Karen Hendrickson

Karen Hendrickson

When I had my massive heart attack nine years ago, my life changed in many ways. I was suddenly a person who took 13 pills a day…I had had a pacemaker/defibrillator/crt implanted, and had received 5 life saving stents. My doctors made me aware of the fact that any medical provider treating me at anytime, should be armed with this information to ensure proper care.

When I looked for Medical Alert products, it was obvious that none were available with the space for all the information I needed to include. I had to type all my medical history and carry it with me in my purse, hoping that it would be found in case of an emergency or accident.

It is a Godsend that now the database is available to house all my medical emergency information and is accessible to any medical personnel when needed. They just have to enter my Personal Emergency-Access Number (PEN)and all my medical history will be available to view. I am relieved and pleased that such an attractive bracelet and ID card with my proprietary code is included in the membership. This is an added level of protection for individuals like myself.

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